With its castle, its vineyard and the ruins of the fortress and its historic park, Arlay is one of the most beautiful classified sites in the region. The village has walking trails for all types of visitors to access views of Bresse, Burgundy and Mont Poupet.


With its unique landscapes and colours, the Jura offers activities that can please as many people as possible: hiking, swimming or even wine tasting. Take advantage of your stay to admire the wonders of nature: waterfalls, lakes or even cross-country skiing and snowshoeing when the season lends itself to it!

Visit the Franche-Comté region

Franche-Comté is ideal for enjoying the summer season. Indeed, thanks to its waterfalls, torrents, lakes and springs, the region is perfect for refreshing yourself. With its 44% of countryside and forests, Franche-Comté will delight hiking and cycling enthusiasts.